Contextual Advertising & Social Networks


Types: paid contextual advertising on Google, Bing, Yandex; Youtube video ads; promotion on Facebook, Instagram, VK, OK (posting and paid advertising) 

Terms - constantly  Price - from 99 $

Additionally - advertising budget

Promotion on the Internet

SEO search engine optimization


Types: site seo-audit, external and internal seo optimization

Terms - 1..30 days 

Price - from 49 $


Other types of promotion


Types: registration in catalogs, mailing, banner advertising and teaser networks, ad placement

Terms: 1..10 дней

Price - from 49 $

Website Promotion Services


All successful companies that occupy leading positions in their field of business have websites that work efficiently on the Internet and occupy leading positions in all popular search engines with significant profits.


The process of site promotion should be carried out only by professionals in this direction, because the erroneousness of actions can lead to the removal of the site from the list indexed in search engines.


WebSite Promotion


What is it? The answer is very simple: you already have a website, but there are very few visitors and potential customers, then you need to carry out a number of activities to increase their number.

The better the site is promoted, the higher its position in the search results and the more interested visitors pass to it from search engines.

We offer, within the framework of this comprehensive service, it is imperative to order a contextual advertising service, which will allow you to quickly increase targeted website traffic.


Types of website promotion





Registering in directories is a very effective way to increase the number of external links to your site. In this case, a directory is a place where information about a large number of Internet sites is stored (Name, domain, description, keywords, etc.). We think that registration in directories is necessary, especially after launching the site, since This leads to a good indexing of your site by search engines.

The development of directories on the Internet led to their division into two groups:

  • whites - backlink is not needed;
  • Blacks require a reciprocal link, i.e. You must place their link on your site.

Registration in catalogs is also one of the ways of promotion.




Registration in search engine catalogs is a great way to increase the popularity of a site and attract additional visitors. This improves the position of the site in popular search engines.

Site registration in these directories will allow search engines to increase the target audience of the site.

But never believe the promises of SEO-companies advertising that they will lead you to the TOP-10, i.e. to the first page of google.


Ways to get your site to high positions:

  1. We make high-quality registration in catalogs (* this is acceptable).
  2. You pay a lot of money for one visit to your ad (** it’s expensive and not necessary).
  3. We provide registration service in popular search directories: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex.


Stages of registration in catalogs (white and search):

  1. Preparing texts for references.
  2. We are preparing a site description.
  3. Preparing contact details
  4. Directly registration in catalogs.

The term of this service is not more than 5 working days. Expected result from 3 months.




Traffic for the site - it is viewed by visitors. The more traffic, the more site rankings in search engines. Before you start to increase traffic, you need to prepare for this information resource itself.


Types of traffic:

  • Paid, for which additional payment is needed. For example, advertising and motivated systems. We have White lists of subscribers at our disposal who, for a certain amount, will visit your site and may become your potential customers.

  • Search. Visitors came after receiving search results and clicking on the link of your site. To achieve the effect of search traffic is possible only through professional SEO promotion.

  • External - from third-party resources. Visitors come from affiliate programs through external links.

  • Push traffic. Visitors come by clicking on various notifications on already visited sites.

  • Straight. Visitors know your site and enter its address in the browser search bar.

Reference mass is the number of all valid links that the optimizer places on foreign Internet resources in order to redirect the visitor to the promoted resource. This criterion is very important for raising the ranking of the site in search engines.

External optimization of the Internet resource is based on a gradual increase in the link mass of the site.


The most effective tools for promoting Internet resources through the use of external links:

  • Purchase redirections through special exchanges.
  • Placing links about the site on thematic resources.

Search robots calculate the site rating, based mainly on the reference mass. However, the chance of being in the top only exists in a naturally developing resource. The rapid build-up of external links almost never gives the desired result.




Search Engine Optimization (Eng. Search engine optimization, SEO) is a set of measures for internal and external optimization to raise the position of a site in the results of search engines output for specific user requests. The goal is to increase network traffic, the number of visitors and potential customers and the subsequent profitability of this traffic.

Modern company executives are well aware that as a result of effective measures for search engine optimization of sites, the demand for goods and services in real life, i.e. company profitability.

Website promotion in search engines - the easiest and most effective form of advertising on the Internet. The number of visitors to the Internet is huge, there is a steady increase in the number of sites and increasing competition between them for the first positions in search engines.

Search engine optimization is a relatively long process that requires professional skills from the artist. In most cases, the achievement of the top positions in keyword search results in search engines occurs 3-4 months after the start of website promotion. Improper actions to promote the site can lead to the site getting into the STOP-lists of search engines, then it will take an average of 6 months from the date of ordering the search engine optimization service.

Search engine optimization is sometimes called "SEO optimization", "website promotion" or simply "website promotion", but the only positive result of all definitions is the website in the leading positions.

Contact us and we will give advice on the choice of services for the effective promotion of the site.

As a result of an experienced website promotion an excellent result will be obtained in the form of increasing the number of real customers and increasing profits.




Contextual advertising is the best way to quickly attract the target audience to your website in order to increase the profitability of your business.

Contextual advertising in most cases paid.

A simple example is advertising your ads in the Google search engine.

We strongly recommend ordering contextual advertising periodically or continuously, especially in the first months of the site, until the site promotion activities (search engine optimization) do not get the expected result.

In order for a business to develop, it is imperative to combine between contextual advertising and search engine optimization.

Contextual advertising is good because the system itself makes a behavioral analysis of Internet users and ads will be shown only on sites with similar subjects, that is, your advertising is directed directly to the target audience.


Characteristics of the service "Contextual Advertising":

  • Detailed advice on this service.
  • Determination of the monthly and daily budget.
  • Making ad units.
  • Selection of keywords and phrases.
  • Correction of key phrases during the advertising campaign.
  • Bid Management.
  • Report on the advertising company.

Similar promotion service through advertising on the Internet is advertising on YouTube, which today is the easiest, but the most effective means of advertising your video advertising.


Distinctive feature of advertising in contextual networks from Youtube:

  • Contextual - display of texts and drawings;
  • Youtube - showing video clips or banners.

The only minus of these services is a relatively big budget at the beginning, but it is more than a plus as a result of a successful advertising campaign.

Effective management of contextual advertising services is a very laborious process. We constantly check and analyze the statistics of an advertising campaign in order to maintain and improve it.

In addition to the SEO Optimization and Contextual Advertising Services, you can additionally consider other ways to promote in this category.




Mailing is a good opportunity to market your business in a short time.

Types of mailing lists: Thematic, Regional, Spam mailing.

By the end result, we divide the mailing into 2 types:

  • simple mailing: the mail will come, but there is no guarantee that it will be read and your site will be visited;
  • motivated paid letters: the user will read the letter and visit your site, for which he will receive a small reward. Because we own thematic subscriber bases, your audience will be potentially interested.

We recommend using only Subject White mailings according to the interests of subscribers, as only these types of mail advertising are not SPAM and do not violate the rights of the recipient.

There are a lot of offers on mailing to various databases with a huge number of subscribers (from 100,000 people) at relatively low prices, a wide variety of categories, by region, by industry, by country, but all this can lead to blocking by main e-mail services of your e -mail addresses. If you are planning to create your online business for a long time, all the same you need to order mailings only to correctly collected email addresses.

In some countries there is a criminal punishment for spam or huge fines.

Before ordering this service, be sure to contact our specialists and determine the choice of criteria for mailings, agree on possible risks.




Banner advertising is the placement of graphic images (banners) on the Internet. The goal is the same - to attract the attention of potential customers or visitors interested in the product.

Banner advertising is one of the best ways to not only quickly conduct an advertising campaign, but also to create in the form of a banner a uniquely clear image of your business.

Internet Banner is an analogue of the advertising banner that you see on along the roads, but with an audience that is many times larger than the audience on the streets.

If the banner is designed on a professional level, then it will help you attract the attention of visitors and form a positive, interested image.

Banners are always placed on other Internet sites, the number of which is simply enormous.

Ways of placement:

  • static (permanently visible in one place of the site),
  • dynamic (located on the set of the site in designated areas)

In our opinion, this is a very effective way of advertising on the Internet and does not require huge investments.




Posting is the distribution of advertising information on forums, blogs and social networks. This method is a very effective, very popular and not very expensive way to quickly advertise and study the demand of potential buyers of your goods and services.

The distribution of posts is a set of measures for the formation of a positive image of the brand, product or service of the company among all market participants. It is also an excellent reason to find out from ordinary consumers their assessment of your activity, whether they need a product / service at all. is there any demand, is there any suggestion for their improvement.

Thus, POSTING is a slightly hidden way to promptly and effectively conduct companies simultaneously in both Advertising and Marketing, with the result that buyers will increase and profits will be expected.




It is no longer necessary to prove that the creation of groups in social networks such as Facebook, VK, Google+, Twitter, Instagram is a real opportunity to attract new visitors and potential customers, increase your own popularity, increase sales.

To make the group interesting for the target audience, it needs to be kept up to date and developed, which means that professional content management is required, i.e. Support for groups in social networks should be effective, permanent and solid.

One of the services of the studio UniqWebTeam is the Social Network Group Support Service, which includes: A set of promotion measures on VK, Google+, Facebook, designed specifically for you, taking into account your current tasks and development prospects.

Effective advertising in social networks will increase the CTR and increase your personal or awareness of your company.


Actions to support the group in social networks:

  • filling photo and video albums;

  • writing news, articles, comments;

  • creating polls, discussions, polls;

  • correspondence with community members.

Those who join your social group will surely see that the “live” Group is full of desire for communication.

The cost of social community development services depends on a number of key factors and is therefore agreed separately.




If you know (this is a joke, everyone knows about it) about such famous social networks as Facebook, Instagram, then you can easily realize the number of people who can see ads about you within 10 minutes after posting. It is not even hundreds of thousands.

The conclusion is simple - social networks are a huge adsorbent of advertising and a place where a huge number of your potential buyers have gathered. By creating a direct advertisement once in these networks, you will receive an additional several times larger audience, because if one user likes your product, he will easily send a hidden free advertisement to all his friends in social network groups in the form of “I like”.

Website promotion / online store / product in social networks is an individual approach and therefore for each advertising company we form a separate list of popular groups of social networks.


Types of advertising in social networks:

  • posting, writing advertising messages among social network users,
  • order and advertise on the pages of networks (analogue contextual advertising).

The result of a competent advertising campaign in social networks will, of course, be the growth of visitors to your resource and the increase in possible profits.

Our experts will quickly and effectively increase the popularity of your website on any subject in social networks.




The service "Placement of ads", which is professionally provided by the specialists of our studio, is literally the PLACEMENT OF ANNOUNCEMENTS. Only if before ads were printed in advertising paper newspapers, today ads are placed on the Internet. The goal has not changed over time, but the number of those who see your ad has increased a huge number of times.

We will place ads on virtual bulletin boards and show that it is very modern, simple and effective.


Manual placement of advertisements on the Internet will provide:

  • correct placement in accordance with its subject matter, only the target audience will see it;
  • full and correct availability of advertising information;
  • wide publication of advertising on the most popular web boards - there is no doubt about it;
  • quick response from a potential audience.

After completion of this service, we will prepare a qualified report.