Hosting selection


Types: choice of hosting provider, registration of the account and hosting settings

Terms - 1 day

Price - 20 $

Additionally - the cost of hosting services

Site registration




A site, or a web site (from English website: web - "web, network" and site - "place", literally "place, segment, part of the network") - one or several interconnected web pages; also the location of the server content.

Typically, a website on the Internet is a collection of related data that has a unique address and is perceived by the user as a whole.


In order for your site to be viewable on the global Internet, you MUST:

  • create site pages and necessary software;
  • register a domain name;
  • place the created site pages on the servers of the hosting provider.




Domain (domain name) is the address (name) of a website on the Internet, consisting of a set of characters and numbers. Each domain name on the Internet is unique. The maximum length of the domain name (between dots) is 63 characters. The total length of the name, including subdomains, split points and the name of the domain zone, can be up to 255 characters.




The full domain name (from the English. FQDN - Fully Qualified Domain Name - a fully qualified domain name) consists of several parts - the actual name and all domains, separated by dots.




Top-level domains (from the English. TLD - top – level domains) are divided into:

national (ccTLD - country code top level domains) - domains belonging to a particular country, consist of two letters, for example, .us - United States, .uk - England;

thematic (gTLD - generic top level domains) - domains that define the thematic identity of the site, for example, .com - commercial, .travel - travel services.




When choosing the right name for your site, you should pay attention to:

  • the domain name is short and memorable;
  • domain name associated with your business;
  • The domain name includes the name of your brand or company;
  • domain zone refers to the territory of the site audience ( for residents of Ukraine) or reflects the thematic focus of the site (.photo for photographers);
  • Try to avoid complex letter combinations (zh, sch), numbers and special characters (-, *) in case they do not carry a semantic load.



The estimated cost of registering a domain in the zone *.com ~ 15 $ / year.


* Usually order a domain with hosting. When ordering hosting (certain packages) for a period of 12 months or more, many hosting providers register a domain in GIFT.




Hosting (eng. Hosting) is a provider service that provides resources for placing information on a server that resides on a network (usually the Internet).


Usually Hosting is included in the site maintenance package and implies at a minimum a site file hosting service on a server running software for processing requests to these files.


One of the criteria for choosing a hosting service is the operating system used, since the software that will support the functionality of certain services depends on it.


Hosting as a service is compared, described and evaluated for quantitative restrictions:

  • disk space for user files;
  • the amount of monthly traffic;
  • the number of sites that can be placed within one account;
  • the number of FTP users;
  • the number of e-mail boxes and the amount of disk space intended for mail;
  • the number of databases and the amount of disk space for databases;
  • the number of simultaneous processes per user;
  • the amount of RAM, and the maximum execution time allocated to each user process;
  • quality constraints;
  • free CPU resources, RAM that affect server performance;
  • bandwidth, which affects the loading of information;
  • the remoteness of the hosting equipment from the target audience of the site, which affects the download information.



The estimated cost of hosting provider services, depending on the functionality, starts from $ 1 / month.

* When ordering hosting for a long period (from 12 to 36 months), the provider offers a variety of DISCOUNTS and GIFTS.




SSL-certificate is needed so that fraudsters could not intercept the personal data that users enter on your site. Personal data is logins and passwords for accounts, bank card numbers, email addresses, etc. This means that the SSL certificate is useful on the websites of banks, payment systems, corporations, online stores, social networks, state enterprises, online forums, etc.

An SSL certificate is beneficial for the site owner: you confirm that it is safe to enter personal data on the site and take care of customers. If a person experiences that confidential information falls into the wrong hands, he will receive additional guarantees.

On some sites, a lock icon is displayed near the page address in the browser. It is green, gold or gray. It happens that the lock is crossed out or is completely missing, and sometimes a green line with the company name appears next to the domain name. A lock or green line means that an SSL certificate is installed on the site and all information is transmitted via a secure protocol. A protocol is such a set of rules; the browser and server use it to share information.

Particular attention should be paid to the aspect that the presence of an SSL certificate is simply mandatory for effective promotion in contextual networks (Google, etc.)




Usually, when buying a new domain name and ordering a hosting package, the certificate is issued free of charge for a period of one month or more.

* We recommend using instead of free paid certificates from $ 10 for 1 year.




We offer a full range of site administration services, which include Domain Registration / Re-registration / Domain / SSL Certificate.


Standard terms for which these services are ordered are 12 months.


The cost of our services (excluding the cost of the domain, hosting, ssl certificate):

  • registration (re-registration) of a domain for 12 months - $ 20 / 1-2 days;
  • domain transfer between hosting providers - $ 30 / 1-3 days;
  • registration (renewal) of hosting for a period of 1 month + registration of system e-mail - $ 20/1 day;
  • release (reissue) + ssl-certificate installation - $ 20 / up to 3 days.

When ordering the "Domain + Hosting + SSL" service package, the DISCOUNT is 20%, i.e. 50 $ / 1-3 days.


The estimated cost of registering a domain name (in your name) + hosting for 12 months + free certificate for 1 year starts at $ 50 / year and depends on the selected domain zone, functionality of hosting services, the cost of a paid certificate.


Please note that the cost of re-registration of the domain, hosting, certificate may change upwards in the next year.

Domain name


Types: domain name pickup, registration

Terms - 1 day

Price - 20 $

Additionally - the cost of a domain name for 12 months



Types: ordering a certificate, installing a certificate for a domain

Terms - 1 day 

Price - 20 $

Additionally - the cost of an SSL certificate